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RITGLLC Royal Chess Masters Group Program

** Squared Up To Win **

Respected In The Game, LLC™

Royal Chess Masters Group© Program

The development of this program is to champion sports diversity, help promote education equality, and make a positive impact with PTSD cases of all ages.

As a former military leader and career trainer I’ve observed chess being used for many diverse scenarios and watched its magic work throughout our lifetimes. We built stronger connections, erased social boundaries, and learned how to govern many life decisions. The time to share this in a way never attempted had finally come.

- So we're introducing the first ever, handmade, fully integrated, registered and sponsored Royal Chess Masters Club© Program Kit. -


“Chess is proven to increase life-learning skills by helping us with focus, respectful interactions and adapting practices towards winning achievements. It is also an essential tool that promotes inclusiveness and benefits education, rehabilitation, recreation, and friendly competition.”

We strive to do this by providing Royal Chess Masters Group© Starter Program Kits through sponsorships and support from individuals like you who want to share in our values and goals of promoting the following aspects that chess can add to their environments:

• Bringing people together

• Teaching how to win and lose

• Helping us realize the consequences of our actions

• Helping with focus

• As an educational tool

• Developing creativity

• Building confidence

• Developing problem-solving skills

• Exercising the brain

• Helping to remain calm under pressure

Your support would directly enable us to provide schools and communities with our Royal Chess Masters Club© Program Starter Kits. Along with the ultimate impact of bringing others together and building positive impacts through the joys of inclusion, gaming, and conversation.

 Our overall mission and goals are consistent with those of the US Chess Federation, International Chess Players Society and many of our basic human values. These mainly include, but are not limited to: Respect, Acceptance, Consideration, Appreciation, Listening, Openness, Affection, Empathy and support towards other human beings.

"Interested in learning how others are helping the many Scholastic Facilities or Organizations we'll support, then select the GoFundMe, Sponsorships or RCMG Products button(s) below. Please share, contribute or become a Sponsor!"

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