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Cigar Picks by Sandy

Cigar Picks, Pokers, Cigar Holders for the brother/sister of the leaf!!

(I am no longer taking custom orders on cigar picks. I DO NOT ship internationally!)

Welcome and Thank You for stopping by my Storefront. Also visit my Etsy Shop...home of Sandy's She Shed... cigar picks, pokers, and other cigar accessories for the brother/sister of the leaf!!


First things first....What is a cigar stick, pick, poker, nubber, holder...whatever you want to call them? Ever smoked your favorite cigar down to the nub and burnt your fingers or lips trying to get every, last puff?  Well, that's what I did when I first started puffing. Then, a friend of mine gave me a metal pick to hold the remainder of my cigar nub so I could enjoy the last puff of my cigar. It is simply a metal stick blinged out that you poke into the nub of your cigar to get the very last puff and avoid the previous consequences. The stick was a little blah to me...not enough bling for me.  I decided then I could do better. So, I started making my own cigar picks, started selling them in cigar lounges, and created this Etsy store. Cigar Picks by Sandy are a definite conversation starter when it accompanies your favorite cigar at your cigar lounge.


SandysSheShed has expanded to include Cigar Ornaments, and soon to come...Cigar Band Coasters, and refurbished Cigar Boxes! 


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 Stay smoky and long ashes!

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