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Respected Service as It Should Be

Respected In The Game, LLC(RITGLLC) WEBSITE TERMS AND SHOPPING USAGE POLICY – Shipping Costs and Timing Policy


This policy sets forth guidelines and defines the conditions under which an employee, customer, vendor, partner, member or any other person (user) may use RITGLLC business website, including, but not limited to RITGLLC webpage access; its private network(s); its vendors, suppliers, members and partner's networks; and its Email system or any other access point or connection resource, while conducting business for, with, related to or on behalf of RITGLLC. RITGLLC makes available its various inventory, employees, customers, vendors, partners, members, services, and social network(s) in order to allow its members access to resources to effectively execute their shopping experience(s) and site resources. This policy defines RITGLLC’s official policy regarding its Website access and usage. After access to the RITGLLC website is approved, the user is required to read and follow this Respected In The Game, LLC(RITGLLC) WEBSITE TERMS AND SHOPPING USAGE POLICY prior to accessing the Website(s) and linked Social Pages.

Definition(s) of Acceptable Use

Acceptable use shall be defined as, but not limited to the following examples:

Purposes relating to or for membership requirements. Sending or receiving personal messages, so long as any message is not sent using an RITGLLC Employee or its website users titles.(No Message sent shall mention or state that the contents of this message may represent the views of RITGLLC or its staff, partners, members, vendors.) Using RITGLLC instant messaging programs is allowed but are limited to usage for any malicious or demeaning postings.

Definition(s) of Unacceptable Use

Unacceptable use shall be defined as, but not limited to the following examples:

Using the RITGLLC website for trademark and product design theft purposes. Sending bulk, unsolicited email (Spam). Disseminating any confidential information about the RITGLLC members.

Disseminating any personal contact information of RITGLLC or its staff, partners, members, vendors without prior approval. Displaying RITGLLC Member Direct Messages or screenshots of the same materials, references, descriptions, or intellectual property publicly or in personal Social Sites, including the use of RITGLLC and RITGLLC’s Customer trademarks, copyrights, or any other products, marks, designs or materials that may be deemed in violation of RITGLLC nondisclosure agreements.

Knowingly causing someone to view content that may be deemed as obscene, immoral, or illegal, or that may cause RITGLLC to be held liable for discrimination or obscenity. Knowingly causing a disruption or interference with any program or user, whether associated with the RITGLLC or not. Engaging in any online activity that negatively depicts race, religion, political affiliation, sex/gender, or creed.

Searching for, requesting, acquiring, storing, or disseminating images, text, or data that are pornographic (whether legal or not) or that negatively race, religion, political affiliation, sex/gender, or creed. Conducting third-party business or personal business enterprise not benefiting RITGLLC, political or religious activity, engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities, or knowingly disseminating false or otherwise libelous materials. Violation of any Copyright, Trademark, Patent or other Intellectual property, whether owned by RITGLLC or not.

Examples include but are not limited to: customer or customer information, personnel files and data, or any other documents not required for the proper execution of the user's normal member functions or goals. Displaying a RITGLLC email address or URL on an inappropriate web site that may lead to a loss of reputation for RITGLLC (examples: Adult, Dating, Political, Religious, or other unauthorized or inappropriate web sites). Referencing or hyper-linking (linking) of any RITGLLC resource, document, or web site content that may be objectionable to RITGLLC or in violation of this Respected In The Game, LLC(RITGLLC) WEBSITE TERMS AND SHOPPING USAGE POLICY.

Any other illegal purpose, whether listed here or not, that would encourage or conduct criminal activity, offense, exposure to civil liability, or otherwise violate any regulations, local, state, national, or international law, including without limitations US export control laws and regulations.

Consequences of Violations

Violations of the Respected In The Game, LLC(RITGLLC) WEBSITE TERMS AND SHOPPING USAGE POLICY are logged and documented. Violations may lead to a revocation of the member’s RITGLLC Website access. RITGLLC also reserves the right to pursue legal remedy for damages incurred as a result of a member’s violation.

RITGLLC a log that monitors each member’s website usage, including but not limited to:

The website links the member has accessed. The member’s profile and content of such profile that the member sends using RITGLLC resources. Logs of chat sessions. Timestamps and logs of files opened and modified from the RITGLLC website(s) or resources.

Inappropriate Use of Resources

Inappropriate use of resources shall be defined as engaging in any activity by users that is inconsistent with the member needs and goals of RITGLLC. Engaging in any activity that adversely affects a user's productivity will not be tolerated. When you access RITGLLC’s Website for membership purposes, you may be representing the RITGLLC with each site or activity you engage in.

Special attention must be paid to such activities that do not directly contribute to the fulfillment of a member’s role description or duties.

Examples include but are not limited to:

Downloading of Cracks, Warez, or other illegal Software. Posting to message boards or Usenet groups for RITGLLC non-advancement purposes.

Shipping Costs & Timing

Shipping Costs

Shipping cost is calculated on a "pe r order," "per item " or "per pound " basis and is based on the shipping opt ion you select. We sometimes offer free shipping for specific shipping opt ions in select categories, or free shipping sitewide.

Shipping Timing

You can see each product's estimated arrival date on the product page and during the checkout process. During checkout. you can choose an estimated arrival date from the options provided.

Entering your shipping destination ZIP code or allowing to use your current location can result in greater accuracy for your estimated arrival date. Certain products may require additional days to process prior to shipping. This will be reflected in the estimated arrival date. If for some reason you don't receive your product. you may be eligible for a replacement product if you notify us during your return and exchange time period.

PO boxes: Please note that based on size, weight or supplier restrict ions, some products cannot be shipped to, or may be delayed when shipped to, a PO box address. If you stipulate a PO box as the shipping address for one of these items, you will see a shipping alert in your cart. where alternative options will be provided.

Title to Products

Purchases of product through RITGLLC are subject to a destination contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for these products passes to you upon the carrier's de livery to your ship -to address, and Best Buy is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage after delivery.

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